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Sweet Summertime (Semi-Sweet)

Made from a well balanced blend of Cayuga, Vidal Blanc and Vignoles grape varietals, this unassuming vineyard favorite has sweet notes of succulent peaches and citrus. Ideal when served cold, over ice or as the foundation for a that perfect pitcher of sangria on a hot Summer night.

Riesling (Semi-Dry)

Crisp, semi-sweet, with subtle notes of apple, peach and honey. Whether it's Asian, spicy Mexican or simple grilled chicken on the menu, this understated and versatile wine serves as a wonderful compliment to a broad variety of cuisine. Its delicate nature often inspires our guests to ask for that second and third glass.

Seyval Blanc (Dry)

Sometimes called the “ease coast Chardonnay,” this French-American hybrid grape thrives in climates with relatively short growing seasons. Characterized by a clean, crisp taste, this beautifully well-balanced variety is particularly well suited for light salads and shellfish. Its fresh flavor and fruity aroma make this one of our most popular Summertime wines.

Chardonnay (Dry)

Maintaining its pedigree as America's favorite wine and the world's most widely planted grape, ours offers a classic golden color, with vibrant overtones of melon, grass and vanilla. Compliments creamed-sauces over poultry and fish well.


Kimmie's Crush (Semi-Dry)

Classic Bordeaux style with a touch of Catawba, this unique marriage of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon boasts such rich, fruit characteristics as plum, cherry, black and blueberries. Warm spice, vanilla, tobacco and leather aromas conspire to offer the nose and palate a beautifully integrated, medium-bodied wine. Though ideal for steak and beef dishes, it's approachable enough to enjoy with your favorite fresh pizza as well.

Cabernet Franc (Dry)

Inviting and aromatic, its gorgeous rich color is equaled only by the subtle harmony of raspberry, tobacco and violet notes. Fruitier and more herbal than its Cabernet Sauvignon cousin, many prefer it as a mellow and earthy alternative for pasta with red sauces and beef.

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